”We all have a voice, an identity, an opinion. Hopes and fears. Is your future the same as mine?”

Through conversation, let’s tell an honest and engaging story about us and the world we hope to live in. With industry professionals you will learn how the cinematic language can help tell your story. In groups we will work together to make a collection of films. Your films will then be screened for the public, in and around Västra Götaland.

To apply, please send a mail with your name and a little information about your film experience to:  apply@popstudios.se

Anmälan senast: 24:e October

Open to all ages and levels of experience.

  • Day 1 – 1:e Novemebr
  • Day 2 – 2:e November
  • Day 3 – TBC
  • Day 4 – TBC
  • Day 5 – TBC

(TBC – these days we will book after the first 2 days)

Place: Lagerhuset, Järntorget. (Heurlins Plats 1, 413 01 Göteborg)



  • You need no equipment.
  • Your voice will be recorded and used in the film productions.
  • 8 members will be divided into 2 groups of 4.
  • 2 films will be made surrounding the collective hopes and fears of our assumed futures.
  • The films will be screened to the public in and around Västra Götaland.
  • If you have any questions please contact us. (apply@popstudios.se)