Moving Moments #2 was the second film workshop in a series by Pop Studios, focused on integration within the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The workshop consisted of 3 evening sessions and a week of filming & editing by two groups consisting of 4 participants per group around the theme of ‘conflict’.

Workshops were held in conjunction with Göteborgs FöreningsCenter and Medialab where industry professionals worked with the participants during the 3 evening sessions. The participants then concepted, wrote, scripted, filmed and edited their way to creating these 2 short films.

The films were premiered in front of a public audience followed by a Q & A session with the participants.

MM#2 poster

What’s Your Bag

By: Ismail Hassan, Daniala Na, Maria Nyman

The Marriage

By: Mehrab Dehghanpour, Irene Diaz JimenezAnas Murad, Ela Vukovic